5 Easy Tips For Making a Cozy Home

I’ve been a digital nomad for six years now, hopping from one country to the next, making a cozy home everywhere I stop.

Needless to say, my lifestyle was made for a pandemic as I’ve learned how to make myself at home no matter where I am or what my circumstances are. I’ve become exceptionally good at making a cozy home and I never miss the opportunity to share my tips with others.

After all, if you have a cozy home, then you have a cozy life. And that’s pretty much all anyone wants these days.

After six years of making a home everywhere I go, these are the most impactful steps I’ve learned to take when building a cozy space.

1. Choose cozy fabrics and feels

Comfortable bedding and household fabrics are the unsung champions of cozy homes. They can make or break a space, and when they are so soft and inviting that you simply can’t resist curling up with them, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Bamboo bedding and linen sheets are my two favorite types of fabrics for the bed. Bamboo is incredibly soft, making it like a big baby’s cradle every time you curl up in bed. Linen is not soft like bamboo, but is airy and light, making it incredibly breathable throughout the night.

I also opt for soft bamboo towels and hand towels that make stepping out of the shower seem like an expensive spa-like experience.

And my favorite secret tip of all? Add sheer linen window coverings to bring an ethereal feel to my home space.

2. Opt for soft lighting

After the fabrics comes the lighting (which you’ve just read that the right fabrics can help with). With sheer white window coverings, you can allow natural light in throughout the day. When the sun begins to set, however, resist the temptation to turn on your factory-standard ceiling lights. Those are the worst for setting the mood.

Instead, light a few candles and turn on a few lamps. If your lamps are too bright, then drape a sheer handkerchief or scarf over the top (and safely away from the lightbulb) to bring the lighting down a notch.

One naturally fragranced candle and a bunch of prayer candles dispersed throughout the room seem to be the perfect balance of soft lighting and good smells. If you can’t get your hands on some prayer candles, then grab a pack of tea lights.

I promise you that your home will become your favorite place in the world if you follow these two tips alone.

But, as they say, there’s more.

3. Bring life into your home

Look, I know that not everyone is weirdly obsessed with plants like I (and millions of other millennials) am so this one may not bring you as much joy as it brings me. Maybe you like pets more than plants, and that’ll work too.

The point is to find something to look forward to greeting every morning or when you get home after venturing out. I love indoor house plants because they’re green, vibrant, and just real earthy. I also love watching them grow, patiently waiting for the next sprout or leaf to come out, cheering it on when it finally does. It also gives me something to do in the mornings as I quietly drink my (first) cup of coffee and I walk around with a spray bottle, watering plants that look a little thirsty.

And the fact that talking to your plants can make plants grow better just gets me right in the feels. So, of course, I shower them with sweet nothings too.

4. Create dedicated spaces

This is where the good stuff begins… creating spaces for all your favorite things. For me, that means a dedicated yoga and meditation corner and a corner for all of my artistic projects. I also really like to read, so I have a teal velvet armchair in another corner whose sole purpose is for reading real-life books.

In a way, I’ve made my home like a cozy playground for all of my favorite things. You could easily do the same. Rather than hiding your hobbies in drawers and boxes, set up a dedicated space for them. It’ll be a lot more fun on those lazy Sundays when you’re looking for something to do.

5. Make it easy to lounge with others

I’m not a huge fan of furniture, mostly because I move so frequently that it becomes a real pain to deal with. Plus, I try to live a low-waste lifestyle.

Instead, I opt for large throw pillows and floor pillows for sitting with visitors. Someone always claims the bed, another always makes a home in my reading chair, and others like sprawling on the floor. Living in studio spaces makes this easy, but if you have a legit living room then a comfy couch will be welcomed.

The same goes for my flooring too.

Whenever I’ve got a rug, I pop a memory foam rug pad underneath it to make literally every surface area as comfortable as possible.

The idea is to make the space so comfortable for yourself and your visitors that you forget that you ever had anything else to do.

Final Thoughts

What do you think, could you give these tips a try? Even if you just tackle one of these areas, your home will be cozier for it. I’d love to hear what your favorite home-making tips are in the comments!

About the Author | Marquis Matson

Marquis Matson is an SEO analyst, content marketer, and writer. She specializes in search engine optimization for e-commerce sites in the yoga and wellness niche. She lives as a digital nomad, spending time in Ecuador, California, Thailand, India, Australia, and more. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, or at marquismatson.com.

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