Book A Private Virtual Class

A Full-Service Candle Making Experience (from the comfort of your home)

The At-Home Mood Mix Kit

Our team has created a special at-home kit that includes everything you need for a private candle-making experience. When you book your virtual class, anyone participating in your class will receive one of our custom boxes that contains everything you will need pre-measured and ready for creating. 

At the time of booking, you will choose up to 3 individual fragrances or simply choose one of our signature scents and we will send you our "secret" oil mixture. 


Our kit includes the following items:

1 cotton wick

1 glass candle base

1 jar of fragrance oil

1 jar of soy wax beads

1 thermometer

The Experience

Each private experience will be scheduled for one hour. Participants will receive their at-home kits at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled sessions.


All participants will receive virtual confirmation and an invitation with the link to join the virtual Zoom experience. Your experience will be hosted by one of The Mood Company's candle creators and will be partly educational and partly hands-on. Your host will begin the session by teaching the ins and outs of making the best candles.


Following this educational experience, the hands-on candle-creating session will begin. At the end of the one-hour time, your host will depart and your homemade candle can begin cooling.

On the Computer

The Price

The base price for this virtual private class experience is $75 and includes (1) of our Mood Mix Kits. Additional participants can join your private class for an additional $25 per person. For example, 2 participants would cost a total of $100 or $50 per guest. This covers the cost of any additional kits and will be sent to each person in your group. Private virtual classes can have up to 8 participants per experience.